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Getting Tried but True ready for launch took much time, patience, and cooperation and I want to make sure I acknowledge my "crew", who also happen to be my underpaid (let's be real...unpaid) family members for their participation in getting it off the ground.

Special thanks to:

My husband, Brian.  I could NOT have done this without you, literally!  Hundreds of hours of your handiwork went into this and I will be eternally grateful for your time, effort, patience and masterful carpentry skills! You put up with SO much "move this, nope, move it back, higher, now lower", and "are you done yet?" that it is amazing that you didn't murder me in my sleep...and vice versa!  xoxo

My kids and my mom.  Innumerable hours have been spent sorting/steaming/hanging/making outfits and you gave me your precious time to do that, not to mention the hours in the shop to set up, without complaint (mostly - but that's to be expected from free labor!!) It was so wonderful doing this with all of you, my beloved ladies! 

In family order, but equally appreciated, for the above and more!!:

Mom - thank you for allowing me to literally take over your basement!   I don't know how I would have been able to do this without you allowing me to have that space! Thank you, as well, for your window display idea, for listening to endless hours of "shop" ramblings, for your precious time, and your miraculous DIY stain remover!  (Ask me about it if you're interested - it's crazy!) 

Quinn - totally grateful for your time and effort with social media and technology, not to mention the hours and hours spent on the preparation of the tags and the tagging itself! You offered some great insight and I know that your smiling face will be a welcome sight to the customers! Love that!

Shawn - (Quinn's boyfriend) - thank you for your time spent researching how to make this website do its thing and setting it all in motion!  So grateful for your skills! 

Rylan - so proud and thankful for your talent!  Creating my ever-changing idea of our logo was no easy feat! Not to mention the paper dolls and other input into our display! Thank you for hanging in there with me for all of the "change this, move that's" (sound familiar? lol) during the process and I am so thrilled with the end result!  You also drove all over the Warrington/Warminster area picking up clothes with nary a complaint...thank you!


Sam - (Rylan's boyfriend) - thank you for taking your time with AND without Rylan picking up clothes, your delivery services, as well as for your continued assistance while Ry is away at school...much gratitude! 

Mace - I can't even count the times you accompanied me on our "shopping trips", and the hours that you have given me working in the shop! I know that you will be holding down the fort and running it like your own business in no time.  I know that you will be happy to have "Mom" back instead of this person who is consumed with all things "shop".  Thank you for your patience, baby. 

Love you all SO much. 

Thanks for reading - had to be said!  :)

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